Flexi Genius

Yoga + Mindfulness in schools

What is Flexi Genius

As a Primary School teacher and parent I am all too aware of the increasing pressures that even very young children face on a daily basis. School and home life can be busy and sometimes overwhelming, with the constant expectation for children to perform and excel.

In collaboration with Primary PE Passport. Flexi Genius has designed and created a programme incorporating simple yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to empower children throughout the primary school stage and help them to feel that they are able to take on the world.

Flexi highlights the importance of flexible minds and bodies.

Genius reminds us that while academic ability is important, in order to face their future world children need to be intelligent in many different ways.

Powerful Design

With clear instructions and careful guidance this programme will ensure that teachers are fully equipped and can feel confident in their ability to deliver these sessions to children of all ages throughout the Primary School stage.


The sessions are fun, interactive and well structured to show clear progression of skills. A focus on breathing, yoga poses, relaxation techniques and games allow you to consolidate the children’s learning and understanding of their new skills.


“ Never been sporty but the yoga really inspired me to keep my body healthy and happy. I also really enjoyed doing the little exercies. ”


Year 9 pupil

“ The sessions have a very unique and speacial way to enable 'yoga newbies' to feel sufficiently strong and confident to stretch outside their comfort zone whist having fun. ”


Life Coach / Mother

“My boys, aged 2 and 5, absolutely loved the yoga sessions. The teaching was warm, engaging and the 'yoga adventures' were varied and really well planned. There is a lovely balance of play, yoga and stories.”


Therapist / Mother

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Find out how to get access to our teaching, lessons and videos.

Primary PE Passport

Using our collaboration with Primary PE Passport we are able to use the Passport app as a platform to deliver, teach and showcase our lessons and videos.

The PE Passport is created by PE specialists who share a passion for developing a high quality PE provision which is challenging, progressive and memorable.

Purchased as an APP the PE Passport is a portable Physical Education planning, assessment and tracking tool designed to enable all Primary School teachers to deliver enjoyable, active and high quality sessions.

You can now use the PE Passport to view, follow and watch all of our lessons and videos. This brings our specialist Yoga teaching and expertise directly into the classroom.